You may write your notes in the fields below as the dialogue unfolds, or at the end. When finished, please click the blue, arrow button to complete the entry. Only click this button when you are completely finished with your note and trainee feedback.

Prompt: Imagine that you are observing an in-person trainee-patient interaction through a live video feed. Please enter observational notes about the clinical interaction from whatever perspective you most often hold in clinical interactions—e.g. as a clinician/educator writing a chart note, as a patient/family member note-taking, etc.

Background: This patient is known to the supervising physician. He is a 21 year old male with a history of asthma. The physician delivered him as a baby. He doesn’t come into the clinic too often and his last visit was 5 years ago. The reason for his visit, as listed on the appointment sheet is “prescription renewal.”


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